3 Sessions for $150.00

Includes: 3 * 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions

(New Clients Only)(No membership Required)


Session 1:

  • We start with a consultation to determine your goals and needs, along with discovering any injuries that require special attention.
  • Followed by a light fitness assessment to reveal your current level of fitness.
  • Intensity of following sessions will vary based upon your fitness level.

Session 2:

  • Your Trainer will introduce you to free weights and cable equipment exercises.
  • Followed by an introduction to functional training including resistance bands, stability balls, slam balls, plyometric boxes etc…
  • This session will provide you with an understanding of how to use a combination to complete an effective workout.

Session 3:

  • After analyzing the results of session 2, your trainer will finish with a cardiovascular session to test your heart rate, endurance and speed.
  • Finally your trainer will end with a stretch session to relieve your muscles while measuring your flexibility.


After you complete your “Intro Package” your trainer will design a safe and effective program to help you through your future workouts.


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