Our trainers will assess your current level of fitness in order to help you reach your goals.

Hype does not offer tiers or levels of personal trainers fluctuating in experience and skills.  Hype only maintains a team of highly-experienced and educated trainers.  These personal trainers don’t just have base-certifications, but each trainer is highly specialized in a variety of styles and techniques.  Hype trainers will develop a training schedule to meet and exceed your fitness expectations.  So whether you are preparing for a marathon, looking to slim down, trying to gain muscle, interested in boot camps or boxing lessons, we can help.  Hype Gym offers competitive prices for our certified, qualified, and most importantly  experienced personal trainers.  Your body and health are just too important to trust with an inexperienced trainer.

We have experienced specialists that will help you in the following fields:

  • Personal Training (Single/Partners)
  • Diet & Weight Loss
  • Group Class Instruction
  • Children Personal Training & Classes
  • Pre/Post Natal Training
  • Sports Specific Training

-Feel free to contact us for rates-