What people are saying about Hype Gym!

I’ve been a personal trainer in New York City for 8 years, an independent trainer for 4 of them. As many other private trainers will attest, the only downside to this side of the business is finding a nice location to bring your clients that represents the high level of service I want my clients to feel. Hype Gym is hands down my favorite gym to bring my clients to. Being able to tell my clients with confidence that the locker rooms are fully equipped and towels are clean is not something I can always say for other independent gyms. Hype Gym has a great selection of equipment that can rival most self-proclaimed ‘hardcore’ gyms. The highly accessible owners and staff do an outstanding job of keeping the facility just as clean if not more so than the typical ‘high-end’ luxury big box gyms around the city. Having the owners along with their attentive staff in the gym during all prime time business hours means they will actually listen AND address your concerns. It’s nice to be able to ask for a new piece of equipment and within the week see it being delivered to the gym. It is for these reasons and many others I’m proud to consider Hype Gym my home facility for the great majority of my business.
–Albert, Independent Trainer


I came to Hype in 2010 based on a recommendation from a friend. In short my friend said the owner Bill was a cool guy with a simple process, pay an hourly fee to train your clients. Wow! Could it be that easy? In fact it was.  After bringing my clients there to see the place I became almost a full time feature at Hype. I went from a few clients a week to a full training schedule along with building a semi private training program that consists of 24 classes per month.  Overall my experience with Hype has been one of financial gain but more importantly, at least to me, is new friendships.  Thanks Hype!
–Duke, Independent Trainer


I have been coming to Hype Gym for almost 2 years now and have nothing but great things to say about it. The management is very polite and attentive.  If you’re looking to work out on your own or hire a trainer, you can do both here.  I have spoken with many of the trainers while working out and they are all very polite and respectful.  I’ve even had a couple help me correct my form.  The gym is always extremely clean and in order. I never have to spend time looking for weights or bands while I’m working out.  The gym offers many great classes too including boot camps, yoga, boxing, Pilates, and silks.   I was a cardio junky prior to coming to this gym, and just recently started lifting weights.  This gym has the best of both world in terms of cardio and weight training equipment.  I would recommend this gym for anyone looking for a nice neighborhood gym with everything you need.
–Jennifer, Member


As a member of Hype for the past 6 years I have only positive things to say.  The gym is kept in immaculate condition and offers a wide range of equipment that is sure to please every level of gym member.  The ground floor location with windows facing an exterior courtyard provide a bright sun-filled environment that is not often found at other facilities.  Of the greatest help to me has been the expertise offered by Christine, professional trainer and owner of the facility; her full-time presence seems to assure that a professional atmosphere is maintained with great attention to details by somebody who cares.  The knowledge that she offers as a personal trainer is beyond what I imagined and working with her has kept me coming for all these years – and it has been well worth the trip.  If someone is looking for a no-nonsense place to work out with a welcoming environment Hype Gym is worth your time and investment.

–Deborah, Personal Training Client & Member