Rethinking the big patterns by Dr. pat davidson

The most comprehensive exercise database ever created.  Rethinking the Big Patterns is a system that categorizes & organizes all trainable exercises for coaches & trainers.  This model provides a principles-based rulebook ensuring all exercises are performed optimally.  The video database covers all 13 trainable patterns, breaking down exercises in each pattern into plane, stance, load and velocity.

POWER HOUR with Dr. Pat Davidson

This monthly subscription gives you unrestricted access to the hour-long weekly coaching workshops with Dr. Pat Davidson.  Topics range from programming, exercise selection and coaching cues to biomechanics, training gen. pop. clients and much more.


Doctors Pat Davidson, Marcos Rodriguez & guests discuss everything from fitness, health, relationships and sexual performance


Mike Israetel


Pat Davidson


A comprehensive, collaborative overview of gut health and how it can influence Exercise Performance and Recovery; an objective biomechanics model of program design; and program development, intensity selection, and frequency selection. 

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