Have you ever attended a seminar where they picked you as an exercise demo? For 5 minutes, you get to feel what it’s like to be coached by the instructor. You get to respond to their verbal and manual cues, which allows you to feel what your clients will need to feel.

Out of all the other attendees who didn’t get coached, you’ll be more successful getting your clients to execute that exercise correctly.

This workshop allows you to be coached, demo, practice coaching, and walk through some trouble shooting with every single activity! Instead of 5 minutes of personal attention, you’ll have a whole day of movement and hands on learning.

If you’re wanting your staff under one consistent model, this is the workshop for you and your employees. Learn to develop movement standards where everyone gets to develop their own training talent and skill following the same principles.

Going through Lucy and Michelle’s Consistent Training Model will allow you to manage multiple people in one session while keeping the coaching quality high. You will creatively increase your client’s movement repertoire by altering load placement and performance variables to drive adaptation in each plane of motion.

1) Explain your service in a way that builds client buy in and understanding. This will help set clear expectations which allows the coach to be detailed with the basics.
2) Explain and coach a client through each of the 16 exercise archetypes.
3) Identify the main constraints clients will have when going through each archetype
4) Select appropriate regressions and progressions under each archetype depending on the client’s ability.
5) Demonstrate each exercise to give new clients a visual on what they need to do. This allows clients to see what the coach is saying, and it will increase the chances of them executing a new exercise correctly.

Lucy and Michelle’s Consistent Training Model
10:00am-12:00pm Instruction and Practice of positions and exercises
12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm- 3:00pm Instruction and Practice of positions and exercises
3:00-4:00pm Programming with Lucy and Michelle’s Consistent Training Model
4:00-4:30pm Q&A


Lucy Hendricks is the owner and founder of the Holistic Fitness Connector and co-owner of Enhancing Life (Lexington, KY). She also is the lead instructor at an accredited personal training school, The Lexington Healing Arts Academy Personal Training Program. She is a personal trainer that takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, licensed massage therapist, blogger, and speaker. Lucy is mostly known for her ability to progress people through the basics and getting immediate results from a movement standpoint. She helps coaches who have clients that have been hindered by movement limitations get back to what they love whether it’s a competitive sport, general strength training, or living a life without pain. Learn more about Lucy: https://holisticfitnessconnector.com/

Michelle Boland, PhD, CSCS is an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, author, and presenter. She currently is the Director of Education at Pure Performance Training (Boston, MA) and the owner of Michelle Boland Training. She has previously worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Northeastern University (Boston, MA). Learn more about Michelle: http://www.michelleboland-training.com/