Manhattan's Finest Private Training Facility


Manhattan’s finest private and personal training gym is ideally located at the Northwest corner of Union Square (17th & Broadway). A refined environment infused with natural light, our open space of 5,500 square feet allows for the optimum personal training experience.


We provide Private Training of unparalleled quality, supported by a Coaching Staff with pedigrees equivalent to no less than a Doctorate or Masters in their field of study.


Our Floor Design is arranged to maximize personal space and truly make for the ideal Private Training experience. We’ve spared no expense on our top-of-the-line equipment. Our 8 standing Rouge® & Keiser® racks are set up as fully equipped, individual training stations, and we boast an array of Keiser® machines to make any true coach blush. A full cardio layout ranging from Rowers and SkiErgs by Concept 2®, Trueform® Treadmills, Aerodyne Bikes, and Jacobs Ladder allows for a complete personal training experience. 


Our Semi-Private training program is available for those seeking the attention and detail of Private Training with a group motivated atmosphere. Lastly, we offer Testing Packages for Body Composition, VO2 Max, and Resting Metabolic Heart Rate, geared to provide you the results to set you on the right training path. 


To learn more about what Hype Gym has to offer you, click here and contact us today, or call (917) 291-0231 to schedule with us today. 

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"Not only have I become stronger and more in tune with my body and its abilities and limitations (equally important, though often understated), but I have developed a keen interest in the body in a different way than I ever imagined" - Private Client, Hype Gym USQ.


37 Union Square West,

New York, NY 10003, 2nd Floor



6AM - 9PM


6AM - 8PM


8AM - 3PM


9AM - 3PM



37 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003

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