Every new Private Client goes through an initial assessment. The Initial Assessment is a full biomotor screening and evaluation system developed to highlight suboptimal movements that could lead to performance decrements or injury.  The screening consists of a Joint-by-joint movement screen; Injury Risk Assessment; Cardiopulmonary fitness assessment; and Performance evaluation. The information gathered from the initial assessment allows your trainer to develop a personal, systematically progressive fitness regimen to achieve your fitness goals. This assessment is a staple of our personal training experience.  

Initial Assessment

Preceding a functional movement screen, sit down for a one-on-one with our head of program design and lead personal trainers. Discuss your motives for seeking us out and what you aim to achieve. 

Program Design

We'll develop a personal training program based on your initial assessment. We'll walk you through the concepts and progressions so you understand why we've tailored this particular program for you. 

Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results

We pride ourselves in our professionalism and ability to achieve success. Our highly educated, reputable coaching staff provide an unparalleled personal training service of the highest quality.


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